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Midnight Cravings

"It's 12:02 and all I can think about is carressing you. You smell so good Thalia, and your skin is so soft. I woke up and my body is yearning to be next to you," Melanie whispered into the phone. This was now the second day in a row that she was awoken by these feelings. Like a cat in heat, Mel did not resist it; her call would be followed by an in-person visit. Thalia begged and pleaded for her to stay home. "You know, I love you babe, but you cannot do this tonight. I will see you in the morning!" Thirty minutes later Thalia could hear loud music blaring from outside. She believed it was the neighbors until she noticed that her phone not stop vibrating. She got up to the bathroom to text her to leave and stop this madness. She glanced out the window and noticed the lights pulling away from the driveway.

This continued as such for two more days. That is until Thalia could not take it anymore. She waited for Melanie's calls...for her to show up...or even a text message. Nothing came through. Now it was Thalia losing her mind thinking of Mel caressing her skin; kissing her entire body from forehead to to toes. She called Mel, "Where are you? You don't love me? Don't you wanna taste me?" Mel laughed, "So I am guessing he's not home? I will be right there!" Fifteen minutes later Thalia could hear music serenading her; she bolted down the stairs and out of the door to greet the love of her life. She ran into Mel's arms and they began passionately kissing. Mel walked them into the house, threw her on on the coach, and they both begin ripping their clothes off. Mel begin kissing Thalia's forehead, then her cheeks, her chin; finally landing on her lips with a soft nibble. "Don't tease me, please me! Thalia begged. So Mel did just that. This time she begin kissing and nibbling her hers, then softly kissed her neck. She sucked and bit on Thalias neck, tracing her body with lips until they reached her hard nipples. She spent her time on each nipple; licking, sucking, nibbling, and caressing them with her lips. Mel was not done yet she countinued kissing her stomach, inner thighs and then onto her clit. Thalia moaned so loud that Mel had to cover her mouth. Then she slowly slipped them to Thalias throat as she slid her tongue deep into her vagina, tasting all of the sweet juices. She loved the way she smelled like roses and tasted like honey butter. Mel grabbed a toy and begin to penetrate Thalia, while licking and gently sucking her clit.

Moments later Thalia squirted and Mel pulled the toy out and lapped it up like a cat. "Come here and kiss me! I want to taste also!" Thalia pleaded. She obliged and let thalia kiss her and lick her face clean. They decided to go upstairs to sleep in the bed. Not before having another steamy session in the shower though. "My legs, I can't walk; please take me to the bed Mel?" Mel wrapped her up in a towel, carried her to bed, and they both laid to bed naked; hugged ever so tight. After what seemed like hours, there was loud banging, some thuds, which was followed by heavy footsteps. "Honey, I am home early!" yelled Thalias husband from downstairs. Thalia and Mel both jumped up and stared and each other...

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