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Post AVN Awards Excitement

2024 AVN awards stage as guests are being seated

So we have finally made it to the other side of the AVN Awards held at Resort World Las Vegas Theater. The winners are announced some you may recognize are  Vicki Chase, Abella Danger, Kendra Lust to name a few. Hangovers have passed and it’s time to drop those sexy ass ensembles to the dry cleaners till the next time they get to grace the public with their presence again and Luna Star, Emily Lynne and Kazumi did a wonderful job co-hosting.

The first thing I want to address is how amazing all of us looked walking across that red carpet. The site of colleagues and clients alike rejoicing in all of the hard work and success of 2023 was an extraordinary sight to see and as much as I love shaking the world from the comfort of my iPad and solitude I suggest every creative in this business experience the award show and red carpet at least once in your career.

Now on to this production. As a production specialist I spent most my time at love shows pointing out all the technical shortcomings of the production. Just off the top of my head the fact that the LED wall didn’t glitch or have a panel failure or black out once from the time I entered the theater till the time I left is already an extraordinary feet. Next if you have ever worked with me I. The studio you know I’m an audio snob. The audio was mixed as good as I could imagine for a live variety show. Even the performance by Iggy Azalea was crisp and clear, impressive at least. Lil Duval high ass really did a good job keeping the comedic timing sharp even though his co stars weren’t as experienced with capturing a live audience he held it down with improvised wittiness.

Take a look at the full AVN Awards winners list, jus click here

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