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Public Discretion

Friday afternoon, bright sunny California day; yet, somehow Sam finds herself face down, ass up. She can smell the sweaty, musk air, and feel how eager they are to feel her soft and wet insides. The only thought running in Sam’s mind is; “What in the fuck am I doing? How did I get myself into this?”, as three men devour her body with their eyes. She was always a curious woman; this time curiosity was going to kill her cat. It all started that morning when she decided to pick up her friend Levi for a quick smoke session. They have been friends and lovers for years, no strings or feelings attached; just respect and their mutual love of passion and pleasure. It was not unusual for Levi to have a couple pals tag along for the smoke session; on this particular day he brought Oscar and Michael. They all hopped in the car as Sam drove to what she thought was a secluded location; it was actually an industrial driveway leading up the hill overlooking their neighborhood.

The four of them passed the joint back and forth a couple times before Oliver handed out a couple Mollys. Sam popped two pills, not knowing she was about to be taken down the rabbit hole.  Sam wasn’t sure if it was the weed or the Molly but she looked over at Levi and noticed his dick was out. She immediately yearned to have him inside her warm, moist mouth, filling her throat; but there was an audience. “I see you staring at that thang, go on and put it in ya mouth”, replied Levi. Sam giggled, nipples hard and thighs squirming; “You know I want to…but your friends are here…” She rolled her eyes to the back seat, where Oscar and Michael were sitting. Levi replies, “ You act like we haven’t seen each other naked before. Plus, they are fine with it, if you are.” “That’s right”, they instigated from the back seat. “You really have me fucked up this time, Levi. This is a fantasy of mine, but I do not want anyone to know…..” Sam couldn’t finish her sentence as Levi pushed her head down to swallow his dick. They both moaned, “Ummm” in unison when the tip hit her throat. She enjoyed feeling his pulsations in between her lips and along her tongue. The three men continued passing the joint and smoking like nothing was going on. “This is nice, but I wanna feel that wet ass pussy, Sam. Bend over and let daddy eat that kitty,”  said Levi. “Yes daddy!”; Sam straddled the center console and put her ass in the air. She let out a moan as Levi put his face in her pussy, sticking his tongue deep inside of her to taste her sweet cum. Levi continued until she squirted down her leg dripping down the console. “Yup, now it’s ready for me.” He sat up and pulled out all 11 thick and hard inches of penis that he had been bestowed with. Stroking her tight pussy until it creamed on his tip. She let out a yelp as he entered her tight pussy, stretching it so that he can fit. Sam wanted to scream, in pleasure, but she covered her mouth instead.

She noticed that Oliver and Michael had their dicks out, in hand, and they were stroking. As soon as she opened her mouth in ecstasy, Michael put his dick in her mouth, using her head to guide her mouth up and down his shaft. Sam was in heaven, two holes stuffed and wet. She had always fantasized about threesomes and orgies; however, she avoided this situation because she was scared of what people would think. After 30 minutes, Sam’s knees begin to hurt; “We gonna have to wrap this up, my knees are staring to hurt and my legs are giving out.” “No problem, we can stand up; let me open the door.”, said Levi. “What the fuck? No! Anyone with binoculars and free time can see us, stupid”, Sam declared. Levi pulled her up by her up by her hair with one hand; grabbed her face and pulled it towards his with his other hand ,and kissed her passionately. “You don’t care if anyone sees, you know you look sexy, and you know that pussy is going to rain tonight.” Sam smiled as she and Levi step out of the car; she bent over, as Michael stepped out and sat in her driver seat; dick in hand. “Who am I to stop a good thing?” She sucked, slurped, and stroked till he filled her mouth, throat and her breasts with her warm cum. It tasted awful, but she swallowed it like a good girl. Levi’s dick was growing inside of her and she knew he liked the mess she made. Michael pulled her face towards him and licked his own cum off of her face, neck and breasts. “Pfft”, Michael spit the cum in Sam’s mouth and began to kiss her. Out of nowhere, Sam’s hair is being yanked; she looks over and Oliver has climbed from the back seat, dick in hand. He is stroking his thick, veiny dick; Sam opens her mouth recuse she knows what comes next. “Ahhhhhhh fuuuccckk, This one gonna be huge, sorry Sam”; yelled Oliver. Sam’s mouth filled so fast that most of the cum dripped out and onto Michael’s lap. “Here it comes, I am not pulling out Sam, that pussy grip feels too good.” Levi yelled as he came deep in Sam’s wet pussy; Sam squirting the whole time, making a puddle on the concrete.

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