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VR For Beginners | How to Get Started with Virtual Reality Headsets

All of the VR headsets that are currently on the market, hovering on a white background

In recent times, the buzz around the metaverse has left many intrigued but also somewhat uncertain about how to dive into this immersive world. Questions like, "Do I need an expensive computer?" or "Is the hardware too complicated?" are common concerns. The good news is that getting started with Virtual Reality (VR) is simpler than you might think, and the hardware has matured to make the experience accessible to everyone.

Choosing the Right Entry Point

1. Standalone VR Headsets: Meta Quest 2 or 3

Meta Quest 2 in white complete with retail packaging

If you're new to VR and looking for a hassle-free entry, a standalone VR headset is the way to go. The Meta Quest 2 or The Meta Quest 3, developed by Meta (formerly known as Facebook), is a top recommendation. This headset eliminates the need for a high-powered computer, making it an excellent starting point for beginners.

- Features:

- Instant setup and play

- No need for a high-end computer

- Affordable pricing starting at $249 (base model) or $299 for more memory

The Meta Quest 2 serves as a versatile gateway to the metaverse, allowing users to engage in various activities such as gaming, social interactions, VR concerts, and more.

Meta Quest 3 hovering on white background

The Meta Quest 3 is simpler to set up with double the graphic quality and built-in full-body tracking and is priced at $499(128GB) or $649(512GB)

2. PC Connected VR Headsets: Valve Index Kit

Valve index VR headset with two base stations Valve index VR headset with two base stations

For those seeking a more intense VR experience and ready to invest in high-end graphics and full-body tracking, a PC-connected VR headset is the next step. The Valve Index Kit is a comprehensive package that includes the headset, controllers, and sensors for full-body tracking.

- Features:

- Intense graphics and better tracking

- Full-body tracking for a more immersive experience

- Kit includes headset, controllers, and sensors

- Priced at $1415

While the Valve Index Kit comes with a higher price tag, the enhanced experience is well worth the investment for VR enthusiasts.

3. Console VR: PlayStation VR (PS VR) or PS VR2

Original PlayStation VR bundle complete with Iron Man game

If you already own a PlayStation 4 or 5, the PlayStation VR is a great option for console-based VR gaming. The headset directly plugs into your PlayStation, offering good quality VR experiences with a diverse range of games.

- Features:

- Direct plug-and-play with PlayStation 4 or 5

- Affordable pricing at around $349

- Quality VR experience with a library of PlayStation VR games

However, it's essential to note that Sony has announced the release of PlayStation VR 2 in early 2023, promising significant improvements.

PlayStation, VR 2 headset

The PS VR2 is a much lighter headset with almost double the graphic resolution and a larger field of vision. The PlayStation VR2 comes in at $549

Making the Right Choice

Choosing the right VR headset depends on your preferences, budget, and existing gaming setup. Whether you opt for the convenience of a standalone headset, the immersive experience of a PC-connected device, or the console-based simplicity of PlayStation VR, the world of VR is now more accessible than ever.

It's an exciting time to step into the metaverse, with a mature ecosystem offering a plethora of activities ranging from gaming and exercise to social interactions and virtual concerts. With hardware advancements and a rich array of content, now is the perfect time to explore the immersive world of Virtual Reality.


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