Our Executive Team.

Meet our amazing executive team, they help shape the culture of XSite Bunny for our users, creators and vendors. They are a hard working team that has an amazing focus and talents that help shape the brand that is XSite Bunny. Learn more about them by reading their bios. 

Tori Wofle

Tori is has over 12 years of blendend Sex work and tech experience working as PSO and Webcam model, content creator. She is well-acquainted with creating data-driven marketing campaigns, SEO,social media management and content strategy. Implementing her "Homegirl next door campaign resulted in over 200 new clients and $4,000 in additional revenue.

Tori believes that as long as the outcome is income it shouldn't matter what you do for work. Tori is a self taught Python coder. As well as a cloud architect with a cyber security background. She believes in protecting yourself online and being a trailblazer as the first black open sex worker in tech 

She currently lives on the internet with her 2 offspring when she's not giving tech advice she enjoys traveling and watching documentaries. 

Gahsh Henry

Gahsh Henry has over 20 years experience in the digital media production field as well as the adult entertainment industry. With a background in music production his professional career started as a recording engineer and proprietor of a small recording studio in Wilmington Delaware. The daily interaction with the recording industry and his love for art made for a natural progression into Photography, Film, Graphic Design and Web Design.

Moving forward these skills proved themselves valuable across many industries leading to a double life in which Gash has been servicing both Adult Entertainers, Sex Workers and Fortune 500 companies alike. Working as a content creator this man has been hands on with some of your favorite ad campaigns, public events and award shows. True to the concept of being behind the scenes Gahsh is only known in the industry to most by the brands and talent that he has helped develop over the years instead of by name. These accolades and a new found passion for Web3 brings him to this position today as the xsitebunny.com Digital Assets Director.