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From decriminalization to re sanctification. We are already enough.

Updated: Mar 13

From Decriminalization to Re-sanctification

We are already enough.

By Caroline CK

Those jobs that require the most compassion, the most embodiment and deal with the basest elements of our human experience are the most marginalized, misunderstood, maligned, undervalued and in some cases, criminalized.

We know that the act of caring for tiny babies, keeping them clean and well if their parent is unable to do so or of elders whose bodies are failing and whose minds drive them to be sometimes so unpleasant, those caregivers' statuses, in our culture, tend to be the lowest and most undervalued.

And those who use their bodies to comfort and pleasure the bodies of other humans for the exchange of the material resources that each of us needs to get by are deemed criminals.

However, we know from ancient accounts of priestesses and other exalted sexual beings that things were once much, much different. How do we get from where we are now, back into that sanctified temple? How do we go from a space of profanity to a space of divinity with our sexuality?

Have you ever tried sex magic? Have you ever set about, with your own body or the body of another to set a magical intention, something larger than yourself and worked with the pleasure that exists in your actions to bring about the intended outcome?

Have you ever used the pleasures of your body, known and familiar to harness a creative power that allows you to exalt yourself, your skills, your drives and your divinity?

Have you ever used the building exchange of erotic power with another person, consensually, with open eyes and open hearts dreaming into deeper and deeper new realities of liberation and exaltation?

Why not? Perhaps it was never suggested to you. Perhaps you were told that exactly the opposite was true of the beautiful urges and desires of your body. But we know who those lies were created to protect and who to diminish. And we're done with that. That's the old way. The way of judgment, hierarchy, essentialism, gendered norms, repression and empire. That is the way of death and we will choose life!

What we build with the Earth, what we build in our own bodies and with the bodies of those who consent to build it with us is a new world. In this new world our bodies are sacred, our yes is sacred, our no is sacred. We are good enough just as we are in this moment to be divine with the divine.

Have you tried it? What sort of magic can you make? Try it now. Try it again tomorrow. What have you got to lose?

A simple self-love sex magic practice could look like this:

(1) Focus your mind on an intention for your life. Perhaps it is the successful completion of an education process or the obtaining of a job that sustains you. Perhaps it is the healing of a relationship that is fraught or even something broad like the vital health of a river that runs near your home. Be sure the intention is affirmative, not negative. If you are afraid you will lose your house, imagine yourself securely and happily in your home. Dwell in that feeling of security and contentment.

(2) With that goal in mind, come to your body and ask yourself with slowness and curiosity what would feel good. Staying present with the positive emotions of your desired intention, explore whatever activity in your body feels best. “Choosing is more important than the choice”, Kai Cheng Thom.

(3) If you find yourself shutting down emotionally as you pursue the pleasures of your body, stop and see if you can get emotionally back online. Breathe and be present. Be as gentle and slow with yourself as you can manage.

(4) If you are able to arrive at climax be sure to hold your sacred intention lovingly in your mind and trust that you have done the good work to bring it about in the world. Revel in the glory of your own ability to create.

(5) Bonus: If you have the ability to ejaculate, offer your ejaculate directly to the Earth. All nectares of the body are sacred. In this way, as well as through a sacred menstruation practice, we are able to cultivate an embodied fluid bond with the Earth. In this way we are able to ensure that the Earth knows exactly what we need- emotionally, spiritually, nutritionally, immunologically, hormonally and in other ways that we don't even understand.

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