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Keeping The Essence of Hip Hop Alive: Introducing Vintaj Tunes

From left to right you have he DJ Wis in a white Vintaj Tunes Tee then DJ Rip sitting wearing a black Vintaj Tunes Tee up against a pink Graffiti wall with a milk crate of records sitting between them

DJ Wis and DJ Rip are pioneering real life influencers that have been effecting the way we have been listening to music for many years now.  Both being DJ’s and music producers as well as spearheading projects like Mix Media ATL, The Spin Firm and more this duo was the perfect match to come together right before the pandemic to bring the science of the DJ, sampling and remixing back into our modern landscape with their newest collaboration Vintaj Tunes, a remix production and distribution company pushing out chart topping remixes from the artists we all love.

Their relationship with Hip Hop and DJ’s and the music industry in general is not the reason XSite Bunny is proud to announce our brand partnership with Vintaj Tunes and XB Fest. This partnership is a monumental one solidifying the connection between content creation and the music industry.

Vintaj Tunes has had great success since it’s launch with from their hitting number 1 with the Remix of Toosie Slide by Drake where they sampled Michael Jackson’s Woman in My Life put an A-Town twist on it then brought Fabo into the studio to top it off. Lil Baby and more recently Usher, Summer Walker and Playa Poncho have had the pleasure of being added to the Vintaj Tunes collection as will a collection of XB Fest originals.

Album cover art for Toosie Slide Remix featuring Drake and Fabo

Stay tuned to the XSiite Bunny Blog for more announcements about Vintaj Tunes as well as developments with XB Fest. We can’t wait to see you all there.


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