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Onlyfans is not the best option and why.

As a content creator, choosing the right platform to monetize your content is crucial. While OnlyFans has become a popular option, there are several reasons why it's not the best choice for creators. Instead, creators should consider using XSite Bunny, a platform that offers a more reliable and customizable experience.

When it comes to monetizing content, content creators need to choose the right platform that offers the best benefits and protection for their work. While OnlyFans has been popular in recent years, it's not the only option available. XSite Bunny is a platform that offers better benefits and security than OnlyFans, making it a better choice for content creators.

Firstly, XSite Bunny pays 90% of the earnings to creators, which is significantly higher than OnlyFans. Creators can earn more money from their content on XSite Bunny, giving them a better chance to make a living from their work.

Secondly, XSite Bunny pays creators every two weeks when they hit their payout minimums of $25 for domestic and $50 for international. This means creators can rely on a steady income stream to support themselves and their work.

Thirdly, XSite Bunny offers domestic creators benefits like healthcare, dental, vision, life insurance, and tax prep at a highly discounted rate. This level of support is not available on OnlyFans, giving XSite Bunny creators more financial security and peace of mind.

Fourthly, XSite Bunny offers editing services for creators' videos and uploads their photos and videos in a secure folder to their pages on XSite Bunny. This means creators can save time and focus on creating content while XSite Bunny takes care of the technical aspects of their work.

Fifthly, XSite Bunny provides classes for new creators to teach them the do's and don'ts of content creating. This level of support helps new creators get started on the right foot and build a sustainable income stream from their work.

Lastly, XSite Bunny has the best security features to keep creators' content safe. The platform offers metadata removal and invisible and visible watermarks to ensure creators' content won't stay up on unauthorized websites.

In conclusion, XSite Bunny is a better platform for content creators than OnlyFans. With higher payouts, regular payments, benefits for domestic creators, editing services, classes for new creators, and top-notch security features, XSite Bunny offers creators the best chance to monetize their content and protect their work.

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