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The First 5,000

Flyer announcing the fact that XSite Bunny is giving away 500k shares to 5k performers

XSite Bunny came into the adult market with a mission that was very different from its competitors. A creator focused social media platform that welcomes adult entertainers and sex workers with open arms. XSite Bunny launched at the height of the NFT craze with a mission to eventually be the highest paying platform in the industry and with that energy flowing through the team we came up with the phrase “Minting Millionaires”. This became the fuel for the fire and in the spirit of minting millionaires XSite Bunny introduced The First 5,000.

Image of young Asian lady witlong hair demonstrating four different types of rope play bondage
Something for everyone

This is a champagne showing appreciation to the first 5,000 qualified creators for their hard work and dedication to the platform by rewarding them with equity in the growing platform. Be one of the first 5,000 creators to qualify and become a shareholder? That sounds like something to look into.

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