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Taboo and Slang Sexual Terms

B.D.S.M.: bondage, dominance, sadism, masochism.

BUKKAKE: when someone is ejaculated on by multiple parties.

CRUISIN': when you go looking for a sexual partner; popular in the gay culture.

ELECTROPHILIA: someone who is turned on by electrical play.

GLORY HOLE: a hole where a random person will stick their genitalia to be pleasured by another random party on the other side.

GOLDEN SHOWERS: when someone urinates on another person for both of their sexual arousal

MASOCHISM: those who enjoy and get sexual gratification from their own pain or humiliation.

NYMPHO: one who enjoys sex and has an abundant sex drive.

PANSEXUAL: people attracted to people regardless of gender or sex.

PEGGING: when a women straps on a penis, and penetrates a man.

PILLOW PRINCESS or STARFISH: someone who just lays and is not very participatory during sex.

RED WINGS: when someone goes down on a woman during her period; the aftermath left on their face.


SADISM: those who get pleasure from inflicting pain or humiliation on others.

SAPIOSEXUAL: someone who is stimulated by and/or sexually aroused by intellect.

SHIBARI or KINBAKU: a type of bondage play, qinvolving tight tying.

SWINGERS: couples who have sex with other parties.

TRIBBING or SCISSORING: when two women rub vulvas for sexual stimulation.

UNICORN: a single individual who sleeps with couples.

VANILLA: very plain or boring sex.

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